On November  13, 2018 on the International Day of the Blind, the “Braille in My Life” competition was held at the regional special library. The purpose of the competition is to promote the reading of Braille literature and to assist in the social and cultural rehabilitation of the disabled people by sight. The competition was attended by members of the Kazakh Society of the Blind, readers of the library who own the Braille system and high school students of the regional specialized boarding school for children with visual impairment.

The competition task consisted of two rounds: writing quotes from the book of  Nursultan Nazarbayev   “I will share my thoughts with the people” and expressive reading of poems of famous poets of the Uralsk. The competition was held in the Kazakh and Russian languages. According to the results of the competition, the first place was awarded to Mukhambetov T. and Duisenkulov A. The second place was awarded to Yergaliyeva A. and Darys N., the third place was taken by Mambetov B. and Sakyp G. All winners and participants were awarded with diplomas and cash prizes. The competition was financed by PA "Kazakh Society of the Blind" WKR.  Also during the event, those present were informed with the book exhibition “Dúnıeni tańytqan alty núkte”, which presented materials on the vital activities of prominent typhologists of Valentin Hayy and Louis Braille. The students and fans of the competition were students of the regional specialized school for abled children number 8, school-gymnasium number 34 named Asan Taimanov, as well as college students.